As our State Representative, Mike Regan will put his experience and skills to work for middle class taxpayers, working families and our seniors. This is what he believes…
1. Hold the line on Taxes
Make government live on less, not our families. Mike will fight for our families and seniors and will not support raising taxes on those who are already doing more than their fair share – especially in these tough economic times.

2. Stop the Out-of-Control Spending and Borrowing
As the longtime U.S. Marshal for our region, Mike used his skills and common sense to bring fiscal discipline to the office while still accomplishing their mission. As State Representative, he will determine priorities, fund essential services and set a budget that will not increase taxes or put our children further into debt.

3. Protect Taxpayers - Not the Politicians
Mike’s a public servant who has spent his career protecting the public. He will never vote himself a pay raise – because he believes public service should be about serving others, not himself. While our seniors and working families continue to struggle without COLAs or pay raises, it must be the duty of our elected officials to lead by example and eliminate automatic pay raises and COLAs.

4. Lead By Example to Change Harrisburg
Mike is one of us. He was born and raised here in Central Pennsylvania where Mike and his wife Fran are raising their four children. As State Representative, he will live like we do – by driving his own car, paying a fair share of his health care, and never taking per diems just for showing up to do his job. He will also work to reduce the size of the legislature and provide open and transparent government – in order to save tax dollars and restore our trust.

5. Hold the Line on Property Taxes and Fight Special Interest Payoffs
Mike is not a politician. Like you, he knows the politicians continue to break their promises when it comes to controlling our property taxes. Despite passing gaming legislation with the promise of using the money to reduce property taxes, the politicians spent this money on special interest paybacks and pet projects. Mike will fight for us, not the special interests.

6. Let Job Creators Create Jobs and Grow the Economy
As the Deputy Inspector General of Pennsylvania, Mike knows that we can do more to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in our state government. This is vital if taxes are to be reduced on job creators so Pennsylvania can become more competitive with other states. He will work hard to reduce burdensome taxes and over-regulation that prevent employers from creating the new jobs we need to keep our families and kids right here.

7. Fight for our Values and for All of Us
Mike will carry our pro-life, pro-Second Amendment values to Harrisburg. He will also make sure we get the attention we deserve here at home by providing full-time service.